Three Common Foot And Ankle Injuries And How To Assist Them With Remind Insoles

Things like skateboarding and snowboarding are a great way to stay active and healthy, but like any sport (or activity), they all come with the risk of injury. Skateboarders are particularly prone to foot and ankle injuries due to the high-impact nature of the sport, but again, the same can be said for anyone from trail runners, outdoors enthusiasts and really anyone else alike, as we often see them dealing with injuries from the tough surfaces their particular hobbies are attached to.

With that said, we're covering some common injuries that might stem from the wear and tear of our favorite activities, how Remind insoles can assist, and what you can do about treating them in general.

Three Common Foot And Ankle Injuries And How To Assist Them With Remind Insoles
1. Ankle Sprains
Ankle sprains are extremely common for athletes of all avenues—from skateboarding to snowboarding, BMX to ultra-runners, and everything in between. As most of us know, sprains occur when the ankle twists or turns in an unnatural way, causing damage to the ligaments—never fun. Fortunately, these sprains can be assisted, or sometimes ignored, by wearing proper footwear and insoles, and obviously taking the time to stretch before each activity. But keep in mind Remind insoles also provide additional support to the most important areas of your feet, helping to reduce the risk of sprains, pain and at the end of the day, they just keep your feet strong and solid.

2. Plantar Fasciitis
We’ve spoken about Plantar Fasciitis before, but as a quick reminder, it’s basically an inflammation of the tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot. It’s a serious pain and stressor—of course—but it's caused by overuse that can fortunately be alleviated by things like upgrading your shoes, or simply, again, your insoles. With good arch support and stretching your feet before and after doing whatever it is you love doing, Remind helps to treat Plantar Fasciitis by providing arch support and added comfort at the plantar fascia, which inevitably helps reduce swelling in the foot. Boom! And while there are plenty of other/similar options, sometimes you just have to start from the ground up.

3. Achilles Tendinitis
If you’re not familiar with achilles tendinitis, in short, it’s an inflammation of the Achilles tendon, which connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. It is often caused by overuse and can be prevented by stretching the calf muscle before and after doing your favorite activities—but skateboarders, snowboarders and really any active humans can genuinely relate. Remind insoles help to assist Achilles Tendinitis by reducing the strain on the Achilles tendon due to the provided arch support and really just the general added support. More support means more opportunity to do what you love to do, pain free. Can't argue that! And even though Achilles injuries take time to heal, this is often an easy, yet effective way to start the healing process. Honestly, it won’t take long to make them a staple in your day-to-day living. It requires some patience, sure, but everything helps. If you, your kid, your friend—whoever—experiences lingering tightness in their Achilles, it's worth taking the rest that their body is asking for and providing the extra support they might not realize they need.

Three Common Foot And Ankle Injuries And How To Assist Them With Remind Insoles

All active humans are often at-risk of foot and ankle injuries, especially skateboarders and snowboarders, but luckily as we’ve discussed, there are steps that can be taken to prevent them. Sometimes it's easier than you think. Wearing proper footwear and insoles is Step 1—stretching, and taking rest days when needed is Step 2. The rest is up to you! But always listen to what your body is saying.

And remember, a big part of injury prevention comes from the daily stretching and taking care of your body before and after you skate, snowboard, hike, run—whatever. The little things can go a long way. They always do. Smart insoles that improve proprioception, or even things like sleeves and braces, can all be effective against an injury. IFKYK!

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