Treating Achilles Pain With Remind Insoles

Treating Achilles Pain With Remind Insoles
April is National Foot Health Awareness month and we’re here to shine some light on our feet, common issues that we deal with below our knees, and a handful of ways to assist with common foot pain in general. Today we’re talking about Achilles pain and how Remind can assist!

Chances are you’ve dealt with Achilles pain before, whether from a lack of stretching, simple overuse, or a variety of other reasons, each as annoying as the last! The list is long but doesn’t have to be daunting. Foot pain in any form is a serious bummer, as it prevents us from doing what we love and inevitably makes for longer, painful days. So helping prevent the pain in the first place is well worth the effort. 

Achilles tendinitis stems from overuse of the Achilles tendon, which is the band of tissue that connects calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to your heel bone. A critical area for any active human being! And while it may not be possible to prevent Achilles tendinitis altogether, you can take measures to help reduce your risk. 

When it comes to treating an Achilles injury, recovery times can be very long because the Achilles has a low blood supply due to its location on the body. Thankfully there are tools that you can use to speed up recovery time—like upgrading your insoles and providing that extra support we often don’t realize we need—or at the very least, ease off some of the pain along the way. 

Most physicians will likely recommend variations of rest, ice, and sometimes even things like compression therapy to assist with the pain. But as mentioned, upgrading your insoles and making changes in footwear can make a huge difference. If you’re one of the many people seeking assistance for issues like this, you’re in the right place! Remind insoles offer support for a ton of foot and ankle issues, including pesky Achilles pain, and are an easy, straightforward solution to treating the pain before, during and after an injury.

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How Remind Helps

We design our insoles with a focus on cushioning, shock absorption and arch support, and each play a pivotal role before, during and after recovery. Our Medic, Destin, and Cush insoles each have unique features to assist with Achilles pain, and are designed for multiple foot types. All our feet are different, we know this, and that’s why we’ve carved out an avenue of our own when it comes time treating all walks of life the right way. 

Our insoles provide the best shock absorption and help alleviate all pressure that comes with impact—skateboarders and athletes of all kinds, rejoice! But that doesn’t mean it only benefits people like professional skaters or snowboarders who absorb impact daily—even if you’re simply walking around, or in the middle of recovery, you’re absorbing each step with added comfort and support. Every little bit helps. Each category of our insoles provide the best arch support without being overbearing, which customers have expressed tons of admiration for over the years. And the way they mold to the specific design of your feet really makes all the difference.

The shoes you wear should also provide adequate cushioning for your heel and should have a firm arch support to help reduce the tension in the Achilles tendon. That said, most shoes don’t come with built-in arch support (especially skate shoes!) So instead of having to replace your unsupported, worn-out shoes, you can upgrade your insoles and get similar benefits while saving a buck or two! Beyond tangible items like new shoes and better insoles, things like stretching, strengthening your calf muscles and sometimes simply taking it easy can be more beneficial than we realize. Little changes make huge differences, so what are you waiting for?

Achilles pain doesn’t have to slow you down. Nothing does, as long as you’re treating your body correctly and utilizing the proper tools that allow you to feel good and move pain free. That’s where we step in and we’re here to help! Whether you’re a professional athlete or just an active person who is always on the go, it’s so important to treat your feet with care and recover from issues like Achilles pain safely and conveniently. Upgrading your insoles can be a great first step! 

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