Boo Johnson X Remind Insoles from Remind Insoles on Vimeo.

Boo Johnson takes his new signature insoles for a test drive at Long Beach Skate Park. Rider tested and approved! Filmed By Kevin Marquez Song By Patrick Zuckermann

The Boo Johnson Destin features a biomechanically engineered shape to help correct the foot and joints into proper alignment, alleviate body and joint stress and evenly distribute weight and heavy shock impacts. Constructed with the most durable ultra light weight materials The Destin comes equip with a layering system of Blue Magic Impact Absorption across the top and also in the forefoot and heel. Between the Blue Magic is a layer of highly durable self-forming therapeutic foam to ensure high performance, protection, durability and ultimate comfort.

Trevor McClung Remind Daily from Remind Insoles on Vimeo.

A fun day with Trevor McClung at Santa Ana Skate Park.

Chad Tim Tim Remind Daily from Remind Insoles on Vimeo.

Chad Tim Tim with some smooth long lines in Cherry Park


Shuriken Shannon Remind Daily from Remind Insoles on Vimeo.

Shuriken Shannon takes a journey around San Diego in the Remind bus... Starting it off with a warm up session at the OB park and then hitting some infamous downtown spots.

Nick Tucker Remind Daily from Remind Insoles on Vimeo.

Come on a journey in the remind bus with Nick Tucker to Memorial skate park in this Remind Daily

Remind Insoles Welcomes Shuriken Shannon from Remind Insoles on Vimeo.

Shuriken Shannon joins the Remind Insoles Family with Chico Brenes, Chad Tim Tim, Paul Shier, Walker Ryan, Keelan Dadd, Nick Tucker, Boo Johnson, Trent McClung Trevor McClung and Taylor McClung

Travis Rice Approved

May 20, 2015

Travis Rice Approved from Remind Insoles on Vimeo.

Travis Rice Snowboarding extraordinaire, talks about his experience with Remind Insoles and how they are they only insoles that work for him after ten years of testing all sorts of other products. with his trusted kinesiologist Doctor body testing abilities, Travis explains that the reason that makes Remind Insoles Superior, the amount of support is perfect to where all the nerves and functions of the foot can still fire and allow for better balance control stability and comfort. When your body is being pushed to the limits as someone like Travis is on the daily, it is good to know that your Insole is working for you and not against you.

Remind Day With Boo Johnson from Remind Insoles on Vimeo.

Remind Insoles takes a skate day with Boo Johnson. Starting it off with a quick warm up session at Paul Rodriguez Skate Park and then headed over to Lincoln Skate Park for the Chico De Mayo DVS shoe release party for Chico Brenes. Cold Modelo's, Lot's of homies, Good Music, carne asada tacos and
product tosses. " No More Heel Bruise, No More Knee Aches No More Back Pains... You'll Love them Trust me"

Paul Shier Keen on Remind Insoles from Remind Insoles on Vimeo.

Paul Shier shoes are a much happier place now skating with Remind Insoles.

I put them in my shoes and from the moment I skated down my driveway my shoes felt a lot better and my feet said to me "thank you mate!"  I need to look after my feet because my feet have taking quite a battering the past number of years.  My feet are a lot happier now with the Remind Insoles in there… My shoes are a happy place now.

Chico Brenes For Remind Insoles from Remind Insoles on Vimeo.

Chico Brenes fills us in on how Remind Insoles has helped cure his patella tendinitis or "Jumpers Knee.

I was diagnosed with patella tendonitis or Jumper's knee and my doctor told me that I needed to skate some insoles with some more support.  as soon as I slipped in Remind Insoles they felt right and molded right to my foot.  For me they are the ones doing the job right now.  They feel like I am walking on clouds