Where It All Started

Remind is a small business with HUGE passion

Located in San Diego, California and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Our goal is to create the best quality products as a pain free solution to help support our daily lifestyles and overall well being.  We love what we do and we are dedicated to spreading that through this creation we call Remind.  We thank you greatly for all the love and support!

~ John Makens


Remind is owned and operated by John Makens who grew up in Minnesota in the early eighties and was heavily influenced by skateboarding and snowboarding since the age of six.  Going from Fobia Shop team rider and employee, to living and pursuing the traveling sponsored bum life, the never-ending passion for this lifestyle still exists as a transformation into this brand today. Dedicated to the same core beliefs and values these industries are founded on, we work with the best people as a collective whole from team riders, reps, distributors, artists and photographers to keep the movement alive.

Knowing the pain we all go through in what we love doing…  In 2008 The idea for Remind was inspired from needing a solution for riding all day long and not feeling all the body pain at the end of the day.   I’ve been skating and snowboarding for about 30 years now back around 2007 I noticed a large void in the insole design area.  I’ve alway been one to replace the ten cent unsupportive stock insole in my shoes or boots to save my back and knees, so I have experienced most every type insole and started playing around with many different concepts and products.  We developed something that worked better then the rest and I gave the insoles out to my friends Travis Rice, Bryan Iguchi, Mark Carter, Kevin Jones, Chico Brenes, Boo Johnson, Chis Cole, Trent, Trevor and Taylor McClung... They all tried them and even brought the product to their trusted specialists and doctors to get further tested. The feedback was incredible and positive, and everything naturally escalated from there.  Orthotics have existed for many years but the difference in Remind is a design specifically for skateboarders and snowboarders and our specific needs.  Since then thousands of customers are feeling great and the journey continues!

It all starts with the reason we ride a skateboard or snowboard in the first place.  Well that’s because It’s the most fun thing in the world and it makes us feel good!  So the name Remind is a symbol of that foundation and a reminder of that truth. 

We are super grateful and lucky to have some of the worlds greatest riders and athletes using our products and supporting our brand.  We created the product from a greater perspective because of the abuse skateboarding and snowboarding endures on our feet and bodies. With these elements in mind, Remind insoles are designed to work for every application whether your walking, standing, running, and basically for any shoe or boot that has a removable insole.  Stock Insoles are cheaply made and never worked for me only causing pain and long term issues in the end.  So being able to provide an affordable, thoughtful and greatly designed product to all the people I love and care about is a wonderful feeling. Since 2008 thousands have experienced the benefits of a superior designed insole to feel better and continue to do what we love.

About the Product

REMIND INSOLES are developed from 35 plus years of biomechanics and biomedicine practices along with the testing and approval of the worlds greatest athletes.  The result being the best performance enhancing orthotic insoles on the planet. The focus is these key principles; foot and joint alignment, injury preventive support, cushioning, self-molding customization.

We at REMIND INSOLES have developed all of our own proprietary blends of materials that are specially formulated with all the characteristics we need for support, comfort, and alignment.

Our priorities are simple and we are pleased to assist you with feeling great on your feet and doing what you love at your highest potential.