Lab Test Results


The purpose of this lab / field test is to prove that Remind insoles are superior in support, cushioning and overall comfort with scientific data when applied to intended purpose they are created for.

Test Details: 8 skateboarders tested 8 different insoles. 3 Remind insoles: The Medic, The Destin and The Cush.

3 competitior insoles that claim to offer the highest amount of shock absorption.

2 insoles are stock insoles that come with the most highly sold and skated shoes on the market.

Each test subject applied the FSR Sensor... 5 sensors to each foot: One sensor on the heel, one on the arch, and one on each 1st, 3rd, and 5th Metatarsal.

Each test subject skated various stairs, banks, and blocks with high amounts of impacts and bails. Each test subject did this with all 8 different insoles.


 The data below shows these results: The FSR Sensor measures Foot to shoe pressure in the heel, arch, and 1st, 3rd, and 5th Metatarsal in PSI (Pounds of force per square inch) The FSR Sensor also measures shock pressure in the heel, arch, and 1st, 3rd, and 5th Metatarsal in PSI (Pounds of force per square inch)





Remind Insoles Medic, Destin, and Cush have the lowest amount of pressure in the forefoot arch and heel compared to stock insoles and the competitors which have the highest amount of pressure. The Medic provides the best shock absorption due to the low forefoot pressures during impact followed by the Cush and Destin. The Cush, Medic and Destin have provide the best arch support without being too much support. The Stock insoles preformed better than the all competitor insoles.




The Remind Medic followed by The Destin and The Cush insoles, offers the best comfort as seen in the data having the lowest amount of forefoot and heel pressure measurements with the highest scores in comfort, cushioning, and arch support. The Stock insoles scored better then the competitor insoles in overall comfort.


All Remind insoles custom formed to the testers feet at a much better rate than the competitor insoles and stock insoles.




The data shows benefits to alignment of posture, stacking of joints, enhanced strength and endurance. The increased arch support of Remind insoles can be utilized to show an increase in stability compared to stock insoles and competitor insoles.



The Remind Insoles are superior on all levels and offer the best combination of arch support, cushioning and overall comfort. Remind Insoles also showed to be the most effective in alignment, stability, and balance.