Combatting Plantar Fasciitis With Remind Insoles

Combatting Plantar Fasciitis with Remind Insoles

First and foremost: What even is plantar fasciitis and why should you care? It’s a fair question with some fair answers. We’ll just say, if you skate—you should care. If you snowboard—you should care. If you do anything active that involves your feet and the wear and tear that often comes along with it—you should care. 

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It can be an irritating and debilitating condition, causing inflammation of the tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes, (also known as the plantar fascia, hence the name). We learn something new every day.

These days, this injury is becoming incredibly common due to the weakening of the bottom of the foot in modern society, which basically stems from neglect; wearing insoles and shoes that lack support, not having a daily routine that "wakes up" the muscles on the bottom of the foot, or often, simply from overuse. The common neglect of our feet—the two things that literally carry us through our days—is pretty mind blowing at its root. Year after year, millions of people suffer from plantar fasciitis, but we’re here to make sure you don’t get bunched in that group.  

What should you do? And how can Remind Insoles help?

The good news is that with the growing number of active humans suffering from this specific pain, there are also growing numbers of solutions and treatments available to help relieve the annoying discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis. Lucky for you, Remind Insoles are a fantastic tool to assist with this irritating foot pain. 

Remind Insoles can be used as a key part of any successful treatment plan for plantar fasciitis for multiple reasons. Not only can they help you realign your foot and prevent the uneven weight distribution that’s causing problems within the plantar fascia, but they correct arch support that matches the contours of your feet. Our MEDIC, CUSH, and REMEDY insoles will make all the difference when it comes to the added support and comfort you seek. Trusted by professional skateboarders, snowboarders, athletes and active individuals alike, a better, more comfortable experience really does start from the ground up. 

At the end of the day—whatever it is that you love to do—we just want to see you moving and feeling better. In addition to finding the right insoles, shoes and gear in general, it’s still important to follow other recommended treatments for plantar fasciitis. Build a routine that includes stretching and strengthening exercises—heel raises are a great place to start. Rest when your body tells you to rest to avoid aggravating the pain. And as always, make sure you talk to a physician if your conditions are not improving. 

Start combatting plantar fasciitis today and browse your favorite Remind Insoles here

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