Travis Rice Testimonial

Travis Rice Testimonial Full from Remind Insoles on Vimeo.

Travis Rice has been testing insoles for many years.  He has tried every kind of footbed there is from the basics to full custom orthotics.  After years and years of being tested on many types of insoles and failing strength and flexibility tests, Travis passes the test with non other the Remind Insoles...  Dr. and Rider Tested and Approved. 

REMIND INSOLES vision is to live pain free with a supportive foundation.

We all care about our health and want to enhance our performance. That is why we have created a solution that supports our daily lifestyles and overall well-being.

REMIND INSOLES are developed from 35 plus years of biomechanics and biomedicine practices along with the testing and approval of the worlds greatest athletes.  The result being the best performance enhancing orthotic insoles on the planet. The focus is these key principles; foot and joint alignment, injury preventive support, cushioning, self-molding customization.

We at REMIND INSOLES have developed all of our own proprietary blends of materials that are specially formulated with all the characteristics we need for support, comfort, and alignment.

Our priorities are simple and we are pleased to assist you with feeling great on your feet and doing what you love at your highest potential.

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