Insole Technology

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Shape Essentials

Shock Absorption

Our feet are the foundation to our body's root system.  Without a solid foundation everything will be compromised and our joints and spine will endure more stress. Our foot's natural arch needs to be supported and most shoes and boots come with stock FLAT insoles that do not support the foot and joints properly which can cause many problems.  Remind insoles are engineered to support the foots natural movements with a solid foundation to help align the body’s joints and alleviate stress.  The ankles knees hips and spine will fall into straight alignment when the foot and arch are supported with the Remind orthotic shape.  Massive amounts of stress is relieved, balance and strength are increased, and the chances of injury decreases immensely.

 Blue Magic is a state of the art Shock Absorption smart foam that will out perform any other product on the market.  Blue magic can absorb massive amounts of shock energy while maintaining a soft feel.  Not only is Blue Magic built for heavy impacts but it is also extremely durable and won't pack out or wear down. Below is a drop test reading of a Seismograph performed with a ball bering dropped from 6 ft. onto a 10mm piece of Blue magic.  The same test was performed on a competitors foam.  The results show how much energy travels on an X-Y-Z axis.  The less spikes on the Seismograph the more shock energy is absorbed.


Layering Technology

 Self-Molding Technology

 We choose each the best materials with superior characteristics of maximum shock absorption, enhanced performance, soft cushioning,  custom self-forming and high durability.  All these materials are layered together to give you the most ultimate combination of everything you need and some.

All insoles are engineered with a customizing self-forming technology that molds to each individuals specific foot details. This helps provide more intricate support and even weight distribution. After only a day or two your insole will have your very own custom foot shape.

Extreme Durability

Moisture and Odor Wicker

We use the most durable materials that will withstand the test of time and constant abuse.  Remind Insoles are know to outlast multiple pairs of shoes so you carry on your custom shape to the next pair.

Every Insole is treated with a 100% organic treatment that wicks away moister and odor leaving your feet dry and smelling good.