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Travis Rice: "I spent years trying to find a solution to make my feet happy. Remind Insoles has ended that search! Tried and true... Remind Science reigns supreme!"

Chico Brenes: "I was diagnosed with patella tendonitis or Jumper's knee and my doctor told me that I needed to skate some insoles with some more support. as soon as I slipped in Remind Insoles they felt right and molded right to my foot. For me they are the ones doing the job right now. They feel like I am walking on clouds"

Hi - I picked up a pair of your insoles this past winter to slip into my snowboard boots. Having been through a significant calcaneal fracture quite a few years back, I've been experimenting with various insoles including direct competitors of Remind; I've also owned made custom orthotics. The impression I was left with this April when packing my gear away was that these are the real deal! These allowed me the luxury to throw down 20+ miles a session and for once it wasn't me complaining that my feet were done; it was always someone else doing the whining! Great stuff guys - Keep it up!

~ Gerry Doiron

I have been using Remind insoles in both my snowboard boots, and my work boots. I could not be happier with these insoles. I have tried many types of insoles and have never had a set that forms so quickly, and stands the test of time. The build quality is second to none. I can’t wait to put them in all my shoes to have the same great feeling everywhere.

~ Mathew Fuller

Snowboarder/Train Engineer

I have purchased two pairs of remind insoles for my son. He suffered a back injury while snowboarding in Beaver Creek, where he crushed his 3rd lumbar and separated his tendons. Needless to say the surgery and recovery was long and grueling. Two years ago he found the remind insoles and I purchased a pair for him. We bought another pair this past winter. Not only do the insoles provide foot comfort and support, they offer some relief to Tanner's back. While he will always suffer back pain, being able to offer some relief is a blessing. Thank you remind insoles!

~ Wendy

These insoles you sent me worked amazing! They are by far the best insoles i've ever skated. Im back 100% skating now. My Tendonitis in my feet healed and my ankle is back to normal. I would like to thank you again for being kind enough to ship out a pair for me. I'm still using the same insoles you sent me because they are holding up pretty well. I plan on buying some cush insoles in the future. Thanks again!

~ Eric

These insoles are the best thing to happen to skateboarding since the invention of the nose! Honestly, I love my insoles and am super happy I bought a pair. I'm 16 and have been skating most of my life. A couple years ago I had a terrible knee injury that put me out for a while. Once I get back to skating I had a lot of foot pain because I had basically been lying on a couch doing physical therapy for a year. These insoles reduce my foot pain a lot and help me enjoy skateboarding to the fullest. I've recommended them to my friends as well as older skaters who I believe could benefit from them. Thanks for the great product.

~ Andrew

I have been skating for about three years, and then I quit for about three years. I just recently got back into it, a couple months ago and I had the worst leg pain in my entire life. Shin splints are caused from overpronation, having flat feet, and constant impact with hard surfaces. I have flat feet, using stock insoles and skateboarding is the perfect formula for getting one (fml). I thought the whole I.C.E. (ice, elevate, and compression) would cure my nasty shin splint but it persisted for weeks. I started researching and found you guys randomly and honestly, I wasn't buying into the whole gimmick of orthotic insoles, so I had to try them out myself to see what the whole buzz was about. It's been about two weeks since I have been using your CUSH insoles, and things got hectic. My shin splint literally disappeared within a few days, skating was comfier than ever, I felt more centered and balanced, more support and overall comfort was better than ever. And my feet were happy. I was happy. I'm still happy to this day because of your sick product. I use them in every shoe I wear. So thank you, much appreciation, and Jah Bless. One love.

~ Nate

All Time! A Great Product! Comfy, No Foot Fatigue. Shred Harder!

~ Corey

Hmmm, how do I describe these insoles. Well, first off, they are F*&%ING AMAZING. When I've skated with them my feet don't hurt from the repetitive beating I give them. I've landed primo...arches and heels don't hurt; I've landed at least 5 feet drops off/on my feet don't hurt. I am astonished that Remind Insoles are so good.I am forever a lover of Remind Insoles. Keep up the great work!

~ Alex

The Remind insoles are straight up Epic: It all started with the Cush, then the Remedy, and now I have upgraded to the Medic. After thrashing some tendons and ligaments in my front foot ankle I was so STOKED when I found out about these shoe inserts that have helped me tremendously.

~ Brian L

Paul Shier: I put them in my shoes and from the moment I skated down my driveway my shoes felt a lot better and my feet said to me "thank you mate!" I need to look after my feet because my feet have taking quite a battering the past number of years. My feet are a lot happier now with the Remind Insoles in there… My shoes are a happy place now.

Nick Tucker: "They are the only insole that will allow me to skate all day long."

Chad Tim Tim: I herniated my L4 and L5 disc which is when your disc protrudes out of your spine. I spent 2 months bed ridden and I couldn't touch my toes or do really much of anything. It was a slow process of what can I do to help my back not hurt any more… so I was constantly stuffing my shoes with double insoles and different gel supports. I tried so many thing and none of them were comfortable. I have been seeing a spine specialist and I brought him the Remind Insoles to take a look at and he said they are really well thought out and good. Having the Remind support in my shoes effects the way my back is impacted. If I just have regular insoles I can feel them bottom out and I can feel the pain shooting up my back and spine. Now I don't have to think about that anymore and It's helped me have more confidence in my skating. Educating yourself is a huge key and taking the steps to be supportive… I have been skating for 15 years and my body is not getting any younger so I need that extra support now.

Boo Johnson: "No more heel bruise... No more knee aches... No more back pains… You'll love them trust me."

Hey how u doing guys... just wanted to take a minute to tell u guys keep up the great work for real because u literally have the world's best insoles... I have the big foot medics and the cush... both amazing insoles outstanding like nothing can compare. I had F insoles and they had problems like they would get hot and then they'd soften out and not protect well... or if it was too cold they'd freeze and they were super uncomfortable. They also wore out like a board gets razor tail so I tried a pair of your guys insoles and they were out of the box 100x more comfortable, absorbed more impact, and kept their integrity no matter what conditions u throw at them. They keep a low profile, they arn't very thick but absorb 4x the impact other insoles would. My search for insoles has stopped here... I've found the exact insole not just for me but for everyone its my opinion... Everybody should be rockin these especially with how long they last. Not only do they do exactly what you say they'll do but more. I mean it... haha I'm being for real I bet u get this all the time though haha remind insoles for life

~ Brandon Anderson

Kyle Clancy: "With so much effort and money being put into bindings and boots... folks forget to pay attention to their insoles. Remind has helped me with spine and joint alignment and the ability to ride until the lifts close. Stop torturing yourselves.

I bought the medic big foot and the hippie cush so I could throw the better fitting one into my snowboard boots and rock the other ones in my vans. In the case of my snowboard boots (32s) the medic took it from my heel lifting to feeling new and super comfy. I threw the cush hippies in my old skools and it took those from throwing them away from hurting so much to my favorite shoes. Will invest in additional to put in all my shoes!

Thanks for a great product!

~ Daniel m

Without your outstanding product, I would never be able to snowboard and skateboard at the level that I do, and your product has undoubtedly saved my back from further discomfort from years of abuse and compression. I have used your insoles after trying drop ins from numerous other brands, but none have kept my feet feeling relaxed or my body as naturally aligned as Remind. ALSO, I could never survive the hours that I spend on my feet at tradeshows without your product.

~ Tim MacKenzie

I have collapsed arches and have been wearing custom orthotics prescribed by my foot doc for the last year. I have been wearing the Remedy insoles in my some of my street shoes that don't fit the prescribed orthotics very well and I have found that they are way more comfy than my custom made orthotics (don't tell my foot doc). The problem with my doc's orthotics is that they move around in some of my shoes, especially if I am active and they don't take impact very well.

~ Graham

I recently got a pair of the Medic insoles and have really been liking them. I recently came off some gnarly lower back/hip issues and I think having some legit arch/heel support really helped a lot. I can definitely feel the difference skating them. There are those times when you just kind of smack your foot down and a shock wave ripples up your body and I feel like the insoles help absorb that kind of impact really well. I've been switching them back and forth between a few pairs of shoes, so definitely need to get another set soon! Thanks guys! excellent stuff

~ Nate

I have been using a pair of your insoles now for a couple of months and to be honest, they've changed my life. Not only have they made a huge difference in my comfort level when I'm skating, my back and knees feel better than they have in years when I'm just walking around. Recently, when I tried to wear shoes with normal insoles again I found it impossible. After trying Remind insoles, there is no going back. I now rock a Remind sticker on my board with pride, and tell every skater I know to do themselves a favor and buy a pair. I just now ordered a pair for my dad, for Father's Day. He doesn't skate, but I know his old ass will be able to appreciate walking in comfort. Thanks for the amazing product!

~ Buck

I finally took the plunge and got some insoles for my everyday shoes. I usually walk to school so I spend a lot of time on my feet and after a while I would start feeling soreness in some of my joints. I knew they would be beneficial just from my experience with them in my boots so it was a win-win. No surprise, I no longer have the aches and pains of being on my feet all day. Thanks again!

~ Scott

Bjorn Leines: "It's rad to be using a product that was created and tested by a group or core shredders. This is why Remind Insoles are the best insoles I have ever used! A true rider driven brand."

Kevin Jones: "John Makens (owner of remind) is not a business man. Hes a skateboarder and snowboarder who got sick of people complaining their feet and back hurting. He did something about it….. I just thought we lived with foot pain. I was wrong, These insoles changed everything for me!"

Two years ago I spent over 500 dollars on a pair of boots. The performance was excellent but my arches were always in a ton of pain at the end of the day. I bought another popular brand but felt they never formed to my foot and I traded sore arches for sore heels. I bought remind soles after reading Travis Rice's recommendations on Instagram and they are total game changer. My feet are never in pain. The beds of the insoles formed to my foot and still maintained perfect stiffness for excellent response and performance. Colors are rad btw.

~ Andrew Agoliati

In the past two or so years I've tried many pairs of snowboarding boots. Across the board the only thing that didn't change was my Remind Solution Liner. I may only ride thirty or so days a year, but my feet stay comfortable, my heel stays locked in, and the boot/Solution Liner combination I use provides the perfect amount of flex every time. I feel as if boots are the most important part of a comfortable day on the slopes and the Solution Liner provides that comfort.

Thanks for making my day on the slopes that much better!

~ Corey K.

Not to kiss ass but I got to tell you last summer I had knee surgery( ACL reconstruct and 6 months later they had to go back in to shave part of my knee cap and cartilage) long story short I had noticed that if I wore my Remind insoles my knee wouldn't hurt as much as the days that I didn't wear them .... I asked my Dr. and he was impressed with how your insoles kept everything in line , so what I'm trying to say is thank you for making a great product.


Man they are awesome. Ive tried them in my jamosk's, lakai Manchester selects, emerica g code and vans. Perfect fit/feel in each. I'm pumped on how they made my brand new pair of Janoski's feel. Your suggestions are spot on. Have already started spreading the word and will continue to do so. Thanks again!

~ Jimmy Takitch

Trauma Representative

Orthopedic & Spine Solutions

I absolutely love the pair of medics that I own. I have them in a pair of DC snowboard boots - totally sick! You are 100% the aftermarket genius when it comes to taking a lame insole from a seriously expensive boot, and putting in exactly what the manufacturer should have done in the first place. Thanks for being awesome!

~ Justin R

Thanks for the awesome insoles! I wear them in my shoes while bartending and in my snowboard boots! I love them, thanks again!!

~ Teri

These insoles are no joke.I took these out to a ride yesterday. Nothing gnarly just tree and bowls runs for pow but a lot of crud and ice elsewhere on and around the groomers. Helped handle the chatter better, but I was also ridin' a new board. Really great support. These coupled with a good new pair of boots made all the difference. Helped on softening the bite on jump impacts. Kept the heel and the arch pressure consistent. Totally awesome. Will definitely get another pair next week for everyday usage. :)

~ Fes

Remind insoles are the greatest. I have bad ankle none placement so naturally it messes with the balance on the board. Ever since Remind Medic's I have more balance! Especially with mannys. I sucked at those thank you!

~ Malijah

You make one hell of an awesome insole. My back, knees and ankles thank you many times a day. My feet sing your praises with each step. Prior to trying your insoles I used every other possible insole on the market would heat mold my snowboard liners and nothing works as well as the Remind family of products. I have tried them all Cush, Remedy, and Medic. They just keep getting better and better and you cant really make a bad choice. Keep up the good work so we can keep thrashing despite the old bones. You guys rock!

~ Brian

Remind is are where it's at. Keep up the good work. The graphics are awesome, and the insoles are extremely comfortable, they mold right to your feet after the first skate session and feel amazing.

~ Khalil


Walker Ryan: "I don't have to worry about having my feet bruised in thin shoes anymore."