Remind Premium Socks Collection

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In the realm of athletic gear, comfort and support reign supreme—especially when it comes to our feet. That's why here at Remind, we're stoked to announce that we recently expanded our product line to include socks, and promise game-changing comfort similar to our celebrated insoles. With the belief that better movement and a better life start from the ground up, our new socks are bound to revolutionize the way active individuals and comfort enthusiasts alike approach their foot health.

Remind Socks Premium Collection

Built With Comfort In Mind

Experience ultimate comfort with every pair of Remind socks, meticulously crafted for your well-being. Designed with unparalleled comfort in mind, every move you make feels like a dream, whether you're hitting the slopes, your local skatepark, or exploring beyond. 

Designed To Last 

Crafted for foot health, every pair of Remind socks provide strength and support across various sports and activities. Whatever it is you do to stay active, these socks enhance performance, ensuring your feet remain resilient and comfortable for those long days when you need a little extra support.

Engineered to endure whatever lies ahead like our renowned insoles, you’ll experience unmatched durability with every pair of Remind socks. 

Remind Socks Premium Collection
Remind Socks Premium Collection

Arch Support + Breathability  

Crafted from moisture-wicking merino wool and nylon, they ensure your feet stay strong, secure, and climate-controlled regardless of your activity. Experience unmatched comfort and support for all-day wear, whether you're finishing a long day of work, strolling through the city, or getting a session started.