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Insoles for Skateboarders: Maximizing Comfort and Support with Remind Insoles

If you skate, then you know first hand that simply participating in this beloved pastime of ours places immense stress on your feet. The long hours we spend abusing them, challenging them, utilizing them—it can take a toll on anyone’s body.

One simple, yet effective (and often neglected) way to combat the wear and tear associated with skateboarding is using specialized insoles. And here at Remind, we’re humbled to know we’ve gained recognition in the skateboarding community over the past decade-plus by providing skateboarders (and all walks of life, for that matter) a solution designed to maximize comfort and support, while enhancing performance and prolonging longevity all the same.

Sometimes, it all simply starts with the right insole.

Things like heel bruises, arch strain, plantar fasciitis and a handful of other foot-related issues are extremely common in skateboarding, because skateboarding revolves around your feet. Duh, right? But the thing is, this stress can lead to even more foot issues over time, which is what we want to prevent.

Remind Insoles effectively cushion your feet by dispersing the energy of impact throughout the insole. This helps reduce the amount of stress directly impacting the heel and arch—a crucial factor in fighting foot injuries. And with anatomically designed arch support, which is essential to maintain foot health and prevent conditions like plantar fasciitis, skateboarders can trust Remind Insoles to provide the necessary reinforcement to keep their arches in their natural alignment.

We know not all feet are built the same. That’s why with Remind, skateboarders can choose the perfect fit for their unique shoe size and foot shape. This customizable feature ensures that the insole provides the best fit and support, inevitably minimizing the chances of movement within the shoe that can lead to blisters and discomfort. Kiss that pesky pain goodbye!

Constructed to endure the harsh conditions of skateboarding, every one of our insoles are designed for durability—from the Cush to the Medic, Destin and Remedy. And let’s not forget about the relationship between skateboarding and sweaty feet. Remind Insoles incorporate materials with antibacterial properties that help to keep foot odor at bay, ensuring that you stay comfortable (and fresh), even after the longest sessions.

It’s worth noting that while our insoles were certainly designed with skateboarding in mind, they’re also versatile and can be used in a variety of other footwear. From your favorite skate shoes to everyday chillers to work boots and beyond, this adaptability allows skateboarders to enjoy the benefits of Remind Insoles throughout their daily lives, careers or really, anything.

Skateboarders who choose Remind Insoles are gifted a noticeable improvement in their overall comfort and performance. Whether your weapon of choice is the Cush, Destin, Medic or Remedy, each comes equipped with the enhanced shock absorption and arch support you need to succeed. The result? Consider the risk of common foot injuries significantly reduced, if not completely. Move through life confidently, knowing your feet are protected and incredibly supported.

If you’re still not convinced, then all it really takes is a quick browse amongst our skate team to quickly understand that if they work for some of skateboarding’s most respected pros, like Chris Cole, Tommy Sandoval, Boo Johnson (featured), Walker Ryan and Spencer Hamilton — all the way to legends like Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi — well…they’re bound to do wonders for you all the same. The proof is in the product!

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