Which Remind Insoles Are Right For Me?

Simple solutions. That’s all we really want at the end of the day, right? We could all use a little extra comfort and support. And that’s where Remind insoles step in. Whether we’re skateboarders, snowboarders, trail runners, nurses, construction workers, firefighters—the list literally goes on—there’s a Remind insole that can assist. All the way to daily walkers, individuals dealing with past or current foot issues, and anything else in between. Look no further!  

We put in the work to create the most supportive, comfortable insoles that make it easy for you to do what you love—pain free—for as long as humanly possible. Simple as that! 

But between the MEDIC, CUSH, DESTIN and REMEDY, how do you know which Remind insoles are right for you?

Upgrade your comfort with Remind Insoles

There are a handful of options available when it comes to choosing the right Remind insoles, and while each is beneficial and helpful in their own unique way, it really comes down to what you need, how you’re utilizing them, how your feet are structured and then, most importantly: How Remind can help. 

Some questions to ask yourself are: Do your feet have an arch? Do you need arch support? What kind of shoes are you wearing, and what kind of activities are you doing? Do you have room to spare in your shoes without creating discomfort? Are you looking for a soft, cushiony feel, or a little more rigidness? Somewhere in the middle? We have you covered. 

We know it’s a lot, but it’s all good. Take a deep breath—your questions will be answered below! 


You’ll notice all of our insoles (besides The Remedy) are offered with both Classic and Impact options—while both are great choices, the difference between them is determined mainly by your desired use. For example, some professional skateboarders and athletes prefer Impact due to all the wear and tear that affects their feet when absorbing impact in their specific sports. That being said, there are plenty of other individuals in their respected fields who prefer the Classics. The main thing to consider is the Impact insoles come with an extra 1-2 mm layer of cushioning to help absorb impact when and where it’s needed most, and tend to naturally take up a little more space in your shoe, boot, etc. While the Classic will fit similar to a stock insole, but with the upgraded comfort and support Remind is known for. 


All feet are different, but one major difference comes down to different arch types. This is a major factor in choosing the right insoles that will work best for you, as it simply falls under one question: Which type of arch do you possess? If you tend to have flatter feet, The Destin is for you. If you have a higher arch, the Medic, Cush and Remedy are the best place to start. Once you’ve determined your arch, we move onto softness versus rigidness


Some people are looking for extra cushion as support, while others prefer a more rigid insole to gain support. Both work, and again, it totally comes down to preference. The Destin is the softest insole we have, with The Cush nestled closely behind it. The Medic and The Remedy offer a bit more rigidity and tend to be less cushy, but don't get it twisted! Both still provide a great deal of added comfort and support. Some people don’t prefer their foot sinking into a soft, cushy insole, while others love it. On the flip side, some people need that strong, rigid durability for added support, and tend to lean closer to the rigid side. Both will change the way you move on a daily basis, in only the best ways, but again just ask yourself—what am I getting these for? 

Okay, now here we are: You know the difference between Classic vs. Impact. You know your Softness vs. Rigidness preference. And you know your Arch Type—now it’s time to find the perfect insole!


For those with lower arches, but still seeking that added comfort and stability, The Destin is what you’re looking for. It’s our softest insole mainly due to the fact that it doesn’t have the stabilizer material like our other insoles. A favorite among the Remind skate team, The Destin molds to your feet in a way that doesn’t distract or forfeit comfort, while still providing impact support when and where it’s needed most. From pro skaters to ultra-runners and beyond, The Destin is a favorite among many. 

The Destin Impact insoles is designed for Low arch support


If you have wider feet, The Cush is calling your name. You have found the one! The Cush is our widest insole and has a medium-high arch, is semi-rigid and really focuses on support in the arch and heel. So you can wave heel bruises goodbye and keep doing what you love pain and worry free. You’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds because every step is better than the last with The Cush hugging your feet.  

The Cush insoles is designed for mid to high arch support


The Medic is another great choice and can make your vulcanized shoes feel like cupsoles. Another favorite among skateboarders, endurance athletes and essential workers alike, The Medic has a medium-high arch (similar to The Cush), but the key difference is they’re a bit more rigid and focus on full foot support from toe to heel. Slightly less padded than The Cush, The Medic offers great support without taking up too much room in your shoes or boots and is one of our most adored insoles from all walks of life. 

The Medic insoles is great for plantar fasciitis relief


With a four-layer foam impact rebound system made up of the highest quality materials built to withstand every type of footwear abuse, The Remedy could very well be your remedy. Like magic, The Remedy offers Heat Molding Technology to personally mold to your specific foot details for intricate support and even weight distribution. These insoles are lightweight, high performing, responsive, and are built with durable material that provide high energy return without breaking down. Easily one of our best-selling models, you can’t ever go wrong with The Remedy. Click here to learn more about the Heat Molding process

The Remedy Heat Moldable Insoles

We know that was a lot to take in. But just remember: First think of your arch, then determine the softness or rigidness you seek, and finally, Classic vs. Impact. That’s it! 

Here's a comprehensive chart with all our Remind Insoles side by side:

Remind Insoles Comparison Chart

Still not quite sure? We created this fun, informative Insole Finder quiz that might help funnel your needs into the perfect insole of your dreams. Try it here! And if you ever have any specific questions, you can always email us HERE or shoot us a DM on Instagram

The comfort and support benefits that Remind insoles provide are certainly a huge bonus, but the added confidence they provide to the activities you love most is unmatched. Becoming the best version of yourself starts from the ground up. If you’re ready to feel better every single day, this is a great place to start. It’s no surprise we get countless reviews and comments saying things like, “No matter how high quality the insoles in your shoes are, these are better!” 

But don’t just take our word for it—take that new, comfortable first step today! 

Treat your feet!

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