Which Arch Type Are You? Your Guide to Finding The Perfect Remind Insoles

Understanding your arch type is crucial for comprehending your foot and body mechanics. Whether you have high arches, flat feet, or fall somewhere in the middle, knowing how to support your feet is essential for preventing foot pain and addressing various foot conditions. 

The Importance of Arch Support:

All feet (especially flat feet) require proper arch support to maintain healthy foot mechanics. That said, standard insoles and flat inserts (and honestly, many other insole brands) often lack the necessary support, which can lead to discomfort, pain, and irritating foot issues. By adding the correct arch support that aligns with the contours of your feet, you can significantly improve your overall foot health and body alignment. And really, that’s why we’re here. 

See below for some recommended Remind Insoles based on different arch types.

The Medic and Cush

For Pain Relief: If you are experiencing issues like plantar fasciitis, ankle, knee, or hip pains—or if you tend to overpronate—we suggest considering either our Medic or Cush insoles. These insoles are designed to provide targeted support, cushioning, and stability, offering relief for various foot-related discomforts. 

The Destin

Ideal for Flat Feet: Now, individuals with flat feet require specific support to address the unique challenges associated with this arch type. That’s why we recommend the Destin for folks with flat feet. Slide them in your shoes or boots and never look back! Comfort is calling. These insoles provide the necessary arch support to alleviate strain and enhance comfort every step of the way. 

The Remedy

Ideal for All Arch Types: With a four-layer foam impact rebound system made up of the highest quality materials built to withstand every type of footwear abuse, the Remedy could very well be your remedy. These insoles offer Heat Molding Technology to personally mold to your specific foot details for intricate support and even weight distribution. Similar to the Medic, Destin and Cush, the Remedy provides all the support and comfort you need, while catering specifically to the shape of your foot. 

Regardless of your daily activities—whether you're a walker, athlete, hiker, jumper, or spend extended periods standing—your shoes need more than just standard insoles. They really do. And we’re proud to say that Remind caters to an array of different lifestyles (anyone who moves, really!), and offers the support needed for optimal foot health time and time again.

At the end of the day, knowing your arch type is the first step towards ensuring proper foot support and preventing potential foot issues. That’s why our insoles are specifically designed for different arch types, and make a significant difference in addressing foot discomfort, pain, and conditions all the same. 

Whether you opt for the MedicCush, or Destin (or better yet, the heat-moldable Remedy), incorporating the right arch support into your footwear can lead to improved overall foot health and enhanced body mechanics. It’s time to take a step towards greater comfort and well-being by choosing the Remind Insoles that best match your arch type. We have a little something for everyone, that's for sure. 

Have You Ever Tried the “Wet Test”? 

Next time you step out of a shower, step onto a wood floor, or concrete or thick paper. Once you have wet prints of both your feet, compare them to the chart below. 

For flat feet, you'll need to do the wet test again while sitting down and unweighted. This video below will show you what your arch looks like when there is no weight bearing on it. 

And if you want to take it a step further, take our Insole Finder Quiz! Trust us when we say, your sole-mate awaits. 

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