What Are The Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis?

Now, we’ve talked (and continue to talk) about plantar fasciitis quite a bit around these parts. As far as common foot problems are concerned, it’s a big one, but fortunately there are a few easy, effective ways to combat the pain associated with this issue so you can continue living your best, pain-free life. And while one of them is simply upgrading your insoles, we’re here to talk about why, as well as which Remind insoles are best for YOUR feet when it comes to dealing with plantar fasciitis. 

First and foremost, there are many things that cause plantar fasciitis, from wearing shoes with little to no cushioning, working out (or even standing) on hard surfaces for hours on end, over-stretching, tight muscles and sometimes simply carrying too much weight on your feet. The list goes on. 

For those who don’t know, plantar fasciitis can be a painful and frustrating condition—there’s no denying that—but a supportive pair of insoles can genuinely make a significant difference in managing and alleviating the discomfort associated with this sometimes grueling pain. But worry not! Here at Remind, we offer a range of insole options, including the Cush, Destin, Medic, and heat-moldable Remedy, each designed to provide the right amount of arch support, distribute pressure evenly, and stabilize the bones within the arch as ways to fight plantar fasciitis and eventually, get rid of it for good. 

However, choosing the best insoles for plantar fasciitis depends on the specific needs of your feet and the underlying causes of your condition. Here’s a closer look at how different types of Remind insoles can assist.

 Best Remind Insoles For Fighting Plantar Fasciitis 

  1. Destin Insoles: If your plantar fasciitis is primarily due to a lack of arch support, our Destin insoles might be your best bet. The Destin molds to your feet in a way that doesn’t distract or forfeit comfort, while still providing impact support when and where it’s needed most. They’re soft, supportive and provide the necessary structure to help stabilize your foot arch, which reduces strain on the plantar fascia.

  1. Cush Insoles: For those whose plantar fasciitis is aggravated by a wider foot pad or softer tissue issues, our Cush insoles offer a softer, more cushioned support system. Designed for folks with a mid to high arch, these insoles help absorb shock and distribute pressure more evenly across your feet, providing comfort and reducing pain in the areas that cause tension on the plantar fascia.

  1. Medic Insoles: The Medic has a medium-high arch (similar to The Cush), but the key difference is they’re a bit more rigid and focus on full foot support from toe to heel. Slightly less padded than The Cush, The Medic offers great support without taking up too much room in your shoes or boots. These insoles are perfect for severe cases of plantar fasciitis, as they offer enhanced arch support and stability, which helps to align your foot correctly and alleviate stress on the plantar fascia.

  1. Remedy Insoles: Our heat-moldable Remedy insoles are super versatile and provide balanced support suitable for various foot types. Every foot gets a custom mold with the Remedy snuggled into your favorite footwear. These insoles can help with mild to moderate cases of plantar fasciitis, offering a blend of comfort and support that can help reduce pain and improve foot function all the same. Like all other Remind insoles, they’re game-changers… it just depends on YOUR lifestyle and foot type.

At the end of the day, figuring out whether better insoles will work for you depends on the root causes of your plantar fasciitis. However, upgrading to supportive insoles like Remind is generally more helpful than not making a change at all. Sometimes you just have to see for yourself! With a range of options to suit different foot types and needs, Remind insoles can provide the relief you’re looking for when it comes to combating plantar fasciitis. Simple as that.  

So to answer the question—EVERY one of our insoles is the best for fighting plantar fasciitis! It just depends on your foot type. Fortunately, as we've revealed, we have an option for everyone. Whether you need firm support or extra cushioning, have flat feet or high arches, there’s a Remind insole designed to assist you in fighting plantar fasciitis, as well as all other common foot problems. Treat your feet and live comfortably! 

*Still not sure which Remind Insoles are right for you? Dealing with plantar fasciitis? Take our Insole Finder Quiz and find your perfect match!

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