Which Arch Are You?

The Medic Insole is the best insole for normal foot arch type

High Arches? Flat Feet? Mid Arch?

Knowing your arch height will help you understand your foot and body mechanics. Whether you have high arches, flat feet, or mid arch is important to know how to support your feet and body.
  • Know your arch height will help you understand why you might have foot pain, and which foot conditions you can prevent and avoid.

  • All feet, especially flat feet, require arch support. Stock insoles and flat insole don't have the support your body needs.  Adding the correct arch support that matches the contours of your feet will make all the difference.

  • Whether you're a walker, athlete, hiker, jumper, or standing all day, your shoes need something more! If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle, knee and hip pains, or are over-pronated, We recommend the Medic Insoles or The Cush Insoles. If you have flat feet, we recommend The Destin Insoles.

How Do You Know?

You ever tried the “Wet Test”?

I Know What You're Thinking... GIF


Next time you step out of a shower, step onto a wood floor, or concrete or thick paper. Once you have wet prints of both your feet, compare them to the chart below. 
Foot Arch Types
For flat feet, you'll need to do the wet test again while sitting down and unweighted. This will show you what your arch looks like when there is no weight bearing on it. 

To summarize
Insole guide by foot arch type

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