Top Choice From the Remind Team

Here at Remind, our snow and skate ambassadors are integral to our mission. They’re at the core of what we do here every day and exemplify the essence of our brand by constantly pushing the boundaries both on and off their boards. And they do it while fully embracing the benefits that our insoles provide. While we could blabber on about the virtues of our products endlessly, the proof is in the pudding—our riders. Trusted by the best in the industry, Remind is cherished by action sports enthusiasts worldwide.

From the streets to the slopes, our riders rely on us to enhance their performance and comfort, allowing them to pursue their passion with confidence and vigor. So join us as we dive into some of the top choices of our riders and discover why Remind Insoles are the go-to choice for some of the heaviest hitters out there. 

Top Choice From the Remind Team


“One thing that stands out for me is the longevity of Remind Insoles. With stock insoles a lot of the time they just wear out way too fast from putting too much pressure on the ball of my foot and heel, which would actually make me switch out shoes faster. So with Remind insoles, I’m not only able to be more comfortable, but in a sense, get more life out of my shoes.”

—Zack Wallin, Destin Impact 


“In 2010 I had patellar tendinitis and it would not go away. A friend of mine told me about Remind Insoles and said, ‘You should give these a try’ and a few months later the pain started going away—it just went away by itself—it was crazy.”

—Chico Brenes, Cush Impact


“The fact that you get better materials and the fit that you specifically like—I like the Medic because it has arch support, but not everyone needs extra arch support—so when you’re going to upgrade your insoles, it’s nice to have that option. It’s nice to be able to pick which Remind insoles actually make sense for your feet and the way you like to skate. I would use them whether I rode for them or not.”

—Chris Cole, Medic Impact 


“They’ve been helpful for me especially because I’m a jumper, you know? I need that impact support and Remind insoles just do the job.” 

—Tommy Sandoval, Destin Impact 


“Simply put—Remind insoles work. I love them. I’ve had much better results with these than any $300-$400 custom insoles I’ve ever tried.” 

—Travis Rice, Medic Impact


“Just skating Remind insoles helps me prevent every day foot pain.”

—Boo Johnson, Destin Impact


Not sure which Remind Insoles are right for YOUR feet? Take our Insole Finder Quiz and find your perfect match!

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