Remind Recognized As “Best Insoles For Running And Training” By Gear Patrol

Remind Recognized As “Best Insoles For Running And Training” By Gear Patrol
The staff at Gear Patrol knows gear—you can’t argue that. So we’re super stoked that they considered Remind the best insoles for running and training amongst all the other insole brands out there.

It was our Remind Medic Impact insoles that caught their attention, and this is what they had to say:

“Remind’s lineup of impressive insoles caters more to action sports enthusiasts, but I’ve found plenty of comfortable success in more gym-oriented endeavors with these profiles, too. The 6mm thickness is not overwhelming, allowing for an excellent fit across multiple gym shoe silhouettes, and the impact absorption is top notch whether rapidly stepping through agility drills or bracing for heavyweight reps.

The Medic Impact insoles also showcase a more rigid structure than others tested, which I appreciated during strength training endeavors. That stiffness may be a little uncomfortable, though, if you plan to use these for running or more cardio-focused wear.

Another perk to these insoles is the variety of styles and prints across the lineup, which give your shoes an added zest of personality that makes you want to step into them day in and day out. Plus, Remind also employs a Self-Forming Technology with their inserts, meaning the more you wear them, the more customized the fit becomes.”

We can tell whoever wrote this (Hey,  Ben Emminger!) truly put our Medic Impact insoles to work, and we’re humbled by the results. That's exactly why we're here. Our mission is for everyone to do what they love to do, pain free, for as long as they can. Remember: Sometimes the biggest improvements start from the ground up.

Read the full Gear Patrol article here. And browse a variety of our other insoles to amplify your next run or training session!
Unsure of what Remind insoles are best for you? Take our Insole Finder quiz!

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