Remind ‘Cush Impact’ Insoles Reviewed By IRONPROS

— Highly Recommended By Staff 

Major thanks to Chris Lewis and the epic folks at IRONPROS who did an incredible job reviewing our CUSH IMPACT 6MM Mid-High Arch Insoles. Safe to say he put them to good use and got in-depth with the details.

“Developed through decades of biomechanics and biomedicine practices, along with experimentation with athletes, the orthotic insoles attempt to align users’ feet and joints, while also cushioning them,” wrote Chris in the article. “At the same time, they enable them to have self-molding customization, which, in turn, helps them prevent potential injuries.”

Although our roots stem from the world of action sports, let it be known that Remind insoles aren’t limited to skateboarders and snowboarders—anyone who spends any amount of time on their feet every day can (and will) benefit from utilizing Remind insoles. Chris' review clearly proves this.

“Thankfully, the orthotic insoles aren’t limited to skateboarders and snowboarders,” Chris mentions. “As individuals who are consistently on their feet can wear them too, including construction workers like you.”

Chris put our insoles to the test the same way any skateboarder, snowboarder or athlete would—through some genuine wear and tear blended with long hours of hard labor throughout the day. His honesty and willingness to put our Cush Impact insoles to use is something we admire, but the fact that he genuinely felt a difference and found the added comfort and stability he needed to keep going is what hit us the hardest. That's why we're here.

“Upon wearing the insoles for several hours on a hot summer day, I can attest that they’re not only appropriate for skateboarders and snowboarders, but construction workers as well,” concluded Chris. “As a result of the insoles’ following benefits, I—along with the rest of the IRONPROS team—recommend them to you.”    

Do yourself a favor and read Chris’ full review here. If you have any questions, we guarantee they’ll be answered in his impressively detailed review. Thanks again, Chris!

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