How To Trim Your Remind Insoles

Looking for a way to trim your insoles for the perfect fit? Remind insoles can be easily trimmed at your home to ensure the correct level of fit for all types of footwear: Snowboard boots, Skateboard shoes, ski boots, work boots, sneakers, casual shoes, chef shoes, running shoes, soccer cleats, you name it - As long as your shoe has a removable insole, you're good to go.
For trimming, all you need is a pen and sharp scissors – it’s that easy!

Check out the simple steps on how to trim your Remind Insoles in no time.

How to trim Remind Insoles

STEP 1 - Match the stock insoles with Remind insoles so the heels are flush.
STEP 2 - Trace the template around the forefoot for trimming reference.
STEP 3 - Cut around the line with a sharp scissor.

👣 PRO TIP: Not sure about sizing for a specific footwear? Order one size up and trim them to the shape of your stock insoles!

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