How Remind Insoles Helped This Respected Coffee Shop Owner Thrive After A Serious Back Injury

Whether you’re unfamiliar with Remind insoles or, like thousands of others, utilize them daily, our
newly rebirthed series, Remind Daily shines light on the inspiring individuals who go above and beyond in their daily lives—the ones who move with confidence every step of the way—with the help and support that only Remind insoles provide. 

In our latest installment, we introduce you to Cano Cardenas—a San Diego local, a skateboarder, runner, coffee shop owner, and all around epic individual—and learn more about the reasons he’s been using Remind Insoles for well over a decade to combat foot and back pain. 

After breaking his back and dislocating his hip (and being told he had plantar fasciitis in both of his feet) things naturally slowed down for Cano. But with the help of Remind he found unrivaled support to not only help him recover, but truly thrive post-injury. They gave him the confidence he needed to keep on moving, the comfort he needed to live his life pain free and the support he needed to keep crushing his goals. 

Cano’s Remind insole of choice since day one has been The Medic—whether he’s running marathons, working out, skating, or putting in those long hours in the coffee shop, they’ve truly been game changers in Cano’s life. "I need that extra support, so with the high arch support and the impact absorption," says Cano. “It’s a no brainer." And you can guarantee you’ll never find a single pair of his shoes without Remind insoles nestled inside them. 

If you haven’t already, press play to learn more about Cano’s epic story and how Remind plays a role in his busy life. “They’re one-hundred percent the main reason I’m able to stand on my feet for 16 hours a day”, says Cano. “And not be hurting the next day.”

So whether you’re a skateboarder or a marathon runner, recovering from a recent injury or combatting an old one, or simply spend countless hours on your feet all day due to your profession, look no further than Remind to help triumph over foot pain and live your life pain free—the way it should be. If they work for Cano, they’ll work for you. It just takes that first step. 

Check out Cano’s coffee shop on Instagram: @caffeine_and_green 

Check out their website for more info:

And if you’re ever in the San Diego area, be sure to stop by and say hi.

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