Dialed In with Boo Johnson

Boo Johnson is an absolute beast on and off the board. We recently caught up with this mindful ripper to talk about the video parts that have meant the most to him over the years, the skaters who inspire him, which Remind insoles he uses to enhance his daily life, and the crucial role of healthy, positive habits. Boo shares insights on how all these elements contribute to his success and well-being, offering a unique perspective on staying at the top of his game. If you’re a fan of Boo, you’ll want to check this out. And if you’re a fan of health and positivity, well—all the same! Dive in.

What’s been going on lately, Boo? Working on any projects right now?

Life’s been amazing, honestly. Me and my lady have some cool plans for the near future and I’ve been cycling a whole bunch. It’s been my new hobby and just keeps me so honed in and obviously keeps my hips and knees nice and strong. So when I do jump on my board it just feels so good. So really just family, cycling and obviously skating. 

What’s your typical daily routine looking like these days?

I’m up at like six, walk the dogs. I’ll come up stairs and usually light some white sage… say a nice little prayer. Then I’ll jump into a nice little stretch for about thirty minutes. Jump in my journal and write down some intentions and a few goals for the day. Then I’ll just get to my day-to-day. I’m usually jumping on the bike in the morning to get it going. Or, if I’m not on the bike, I’m chillin’ until about 11 and hitting a park to get warmed up. And if it’s the weekend, then you already know—we hit that full routine and we hit the streets by ten. But day-to-day it’s mellow. I try to do my morning routines then during the day I just kick it. Plot. 

Rad. How important is it for you to stay on top of your health and wellness routine / habits?

It’s very important. Consistency is key. I think just in general my health and all around being has been so much more centered and at peace with my daily routine. I don’t feel like I’m stressed out or missing out on anything, you know? Because I’m so honed in on being a better me each and every day. Even if it’s the typical 1% better, you know, I truly and honestly hone in on being better than I was the day before. And overall, it’s just beneficial for my mental happiness and to strive for something better the next day. I’m trying to set these stones for a proper future. 

Do you feel these better habits help with your skating, too? Have you noticed a difference?

Well, I was running for a bit and my body would just feel like shit. When I’d jump on my board… it’s like when you’re skating and you’re hurt, like “Ah… what am I doing?” But the past few months it's been strictly skating and cycling, and with cycling it’s so huge on the joints in a positive way. Every time I step on my board I feel so strong and put together, you know? So working out is me cycling. Eating right. Drinking loads of water. It just cannot be beat. And I’ve seen the results. I feel stronger and better than when I was 25, when I was just fuckin’ around, smoking weed and drinking all day. I’m 31 now and feel so good, mentally cleared and just so focused. I don’t want to break what I have going on right now.

That’s so awesome to hear. I totally get it, too. Switching gears a bit, but can you tell me a few of your favorite personal video parts and why they meant something to you?

I think my going pro part for DGK would be my runner-up just because obviously I went pro that year and literally put my heart and soul into that part. I remember going back and forth from just trying tricks—especially the hardflip back smith that was just such a battle, but I knew it’d be a trick that no one is really doing. The size of the rail didn’t really make sense to me [laughs] especially now. But just going on all those trips with the DGK team, it was just such an experience all together. And obviously my Future Nature part. That was really what put me on the map and being with everyone like Evan Smith, Julian Davidson, Nick Garcia… It was just a dream. It was prime time right then. And just a lot of hard work went into both those parts. Lots of blood, sweat and tears. It seems cliche, but when I say blood, sweat and tears, all three of those were pouring down during those moments. Those would for sure be the two highlights of my career so far.

Perfect choices! What about your top 3 favorite video parts of all time (that aren’t yours)?

Obviously, man, I gotta go with Bryan Herman in Baker 3. It was one of my first skate videos along with Flip Sorry, but you know Herman just had the style, came from pretty much nothing—the high desert—and made his way to Hollywood and just laid it down. Leo Romero would definitely be runner up. He’s just a raw rail skater and I would literally just sit down and watch his video parts and just geek out. Especially his Transworld [First Love] part. He’s jumping on these nosegrinds like it’s nothing. And third would probably be Mark Appleyard. Sorry was just such an impactful video and his style and everything—back, straight, nollie, switch. Everything. 

Couldn’t agree more with all those parts. Classics. What’s your favorite go-to feel good trick these days and what’s a trick you’ve always struggled with?

Go-to skate tricks, I would definitely go with hardflip and frontside bigspin. And struggles, fuck man, I’d say anything switch. Like I’ve been practicing switch backside flips, switch frontside flips and they’re just tough, you know? Pulling up switch is just a whole different subject that I didn’t really hone into when I was a young buck and I’m kind of suffering from it now. But you know, skating is cool because there’s so many different skaters out there with so many different tricks and at the end of the day, you’re good at what you’re good at. 

Absolutely. What’s your favorite Remind insole and how much of a difference have they made in your daily life since using them?

My favorite insole right now is the Destin Impact and I think those are just perfect enough where your feet aren’t cramped in your shoe, but when you’re jumping down stuff it’s just so nice. They’ve been my go-to for a minute. And I do like the Cush Impact as well. They just have a bit more cushion, but you’re able to jump down some big shit. But yeah, my go-to is definitely the Destin and they just get better and better. 

Do you use Remind in all your shoes? And do you use different styles for different things?

Yeah, I’ll throw in the Cush Impact when I’m jumping down stuff—if I need a little bit more. And I believe the arch is a little bit higher. I have flat feet, so that’s why the Destin is the go-to for me. Like the low arch in the middle of the insole, depending on how your foot sits, it just varies. But that’s my go-to. 

I know you’ve traveled the world, but where’s somewhere you’ve wanted to travel for skating and haven’t yet?

Man, like you said, I’ve been around the world and back but I haven’t spent too much time in South America. I haven’t really been to Chile or like that part of the world. I heard Chile has all types of rad spots, so I would definitely want to spend more time in South America and test it out. 

Awesome. Wrapping it up, is there anything you want to tell this new generation of skaters out there who are inspired by you and your healthy habits? 

Yeah, man, just make sure to just have fun with the journey. Don’t take it too seriously. And just make sure you’re cool with everyone. To be able to make it in skateboarding, you’re jumping in a van with like 5+ dudes and everyone is going to be very diverse. So just go with the flow and the flow will provide. Don’t take anything too serious or too personal. Just enjoy the journey. Life is a beautiful struggle. We’re all gonna have our highs and we’re gonna have our lows sometimes. Respect each other. Go with the flow. And have fun with it.

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