5 Surprising Benefits That Come With Upgrading Your Insoles

To most folks, upgrading your insoles might seem like a small change, but doing so can actually bring significant benefits to your overall foot health and comfort. We live and breathe this notion here at Remind and wanted to talk about some of these benefits first-hand. So, here are five surprising advantages that come with investing in high-quality insoles. (Well… Remind insoles, specifically!) Between the Medic, Destin, Cush and Remedy, better foot health, support and amplified comfort are all actually closer than you might think. Dive in:

1. Impact Protection and Support

Remind insoles incorporate an advanced Impact Protection System designed to absorb up to 90% of impact energy. This is achieved through the use of Extreme Impact Protection material, which is soft, flexible, and lightweight. By cushioning your feet from the repetitive strikes they endure throughout the day—whether you’re running, skateboarding, snowboarding—whatever—our insoles can significantly reduce the stress on your joints and muscles, which is a huge advantage to any and all active individuals. 

2. Supreme Cushion

One of the standout features of superior insoles like Remind is the supreme cushion they provide. All Remind insoles use a state-of-the-art high shock impact diffuser that ensures the perfect balance of cushion, comfort, and support. This advanced cushioning system helps to alleviate foot fatigue, reduce pressure points, and enhance overall comfort, especially for those who spend long hours on their feet. Whether you're an athlete, working a profession that keeps you on your feet all day, or someone who simply enjoys long walks or hikes, the enhanced cushioning in Remind insoles can make a significant difference with every single step. When we say supreme cushion, we mean it. 

3. Arch Support (And Stability)

Proper arch support is crucial for maintaining foot and body alignment, balance, and stability. Remind insoles are bio-mechanically engineered to provide an optimal arch shape that supports your foot’s natural structure. But what exactly does that mean? Simply put, this not only helps in reducing pain associated with flat feet or high arches but also promotes better posture, all while reducing the risk of injuries. By providing the necessary support needed to feel good and live a healthy life, our insoles help distribute weight evenly across your feet, enhancing stability and comfort with every step. Balance is essential—physically and mentally! 

4. Custom Forming

One of the most innovative features of Remind insoles is their ability to custom mold to the unique shape of your feet. Using Self-Forming Technology, our insoles adapt to the specific contours and details of your feet, providing a perfectly customized fit for every single foot type. Wide, flat, high, low… this custom forming ensures even weight distribution, reduces pressure points, and enhances comfort. The best part is, over time, our insoles conform to your feet, creating a personalized support system that enhances your overall foot health and comfort. Total customization. Built by you.

5. Anti-Microbial/Moisture-Wicking

Foot hygiene is a crucial aspect of overall health—just in general—and upgrading your insoles to Remind is an easy way to excel in this area because of our anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties. Our insoles, whether it’s the Medic, Destin, Cush or Remedy, come with an organic odor control treatment that combats bacterial growth and keeps your feet smelling fresh. (Your family and significant others can thank us later!) Additionally, the moisture-wicking treatment helps to keep your feet dry and cool by drawing sweat away from the skin. These features promote a healthier foot environment, reduce the risk of things like random, pesky infections, and enhance overall comfort all the same. Game changers!

What else can we say? Upgrading your insoles to Remind can lead to remarkable improvements in comfort, support, and overall foot health. From superior impact protection and cushioning to custom forming and anti-microbial properties, upgrading your insoles is a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking to enhance their daily comfort and foot health. Simple as that! 

Not sure which Remind insoles are best for YOUR feet? Take our Insole Finder Quiz and find your perfect match!

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