Chad Tim Tim's Back for Remind Insoles

Chad Tim Tim's Back for Remind Insoles from Remind Insoles on Vimeo.

Chad Tim Tim tells us about a back injury he endured while skateboarding and how Remind Insoles gives him the proper heel and arch support needed to prolong his skating.

I herniated my L4 and L5 disc which is when your disc protrudes out of your spine.  I spent 2 months bed ridden and I couldn't touch my toes or do really much of anything.  It was a slow process of what can I do to help my back not hurt any more… so I was constantly stuffing my shoes  with double insoles and different gel supports. I tried so many thing and none of them were comfortable.  I have been seeing a spine specialist and I brought him the Remind Insoles to take a look at and he said they are really well thought out and good. Having the Remind support in my shoes effects the way my back is impacted.  If I just have regular insoles I can feel them bottom out and I can feel the pain shooting up my back and spine.  Now I don't have to think about that anymore and It's helped me have more confidence in my skating.  Educating yourself is a huge key and taking the steps to be supportive… I have been skating for 15 years and my body is not getting any younger so I need that extra support now.

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