2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The winter season is upon us so we want be sure to start things off on the right foot. It all begins with the feet and a good pair of insoles to ensure you are pain free. Weather you are standing on your feet all day or snowboarding or just want to replace those crummy stock insoles, we have everything you need right here.  Here is a guide to help set you up for comfort this season to make sure you are feeling good.


"These were saviors for my feet! I started having shin pain (despite stretching and other workouts I do). After one day of using these my pain went away! Will probably order a few more for other shoes. Highly recommend!"

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"I was diagnosed with patella tendonitis or Jumper's knee and my doctor told me that I needed to skate some insoles with some more support. as soon as I slipped in Remind Insoles they felt right and molded right to my foot. For me they are the ones doing the job right now. They feel like I am walking on clouds."

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"I bought these for some snowboard boots and I am so glad! Very good support, especially for my heels."

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"No more pains! These things help align everything."

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"With so much effort and money being put into bindings and boots... folks forget to pay attention to their insoles. Remind has helped me with spine and joint alignment and the ability to ride until the lifts close. Stop torturing yourselves."

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"These insoles work amazing! They are by far the best insoles I've ever skated. I'm back 100% skating now. My Tendonitis in my feet healed and my ankle is back to normal. I plan on buying some Cush insoles in the future. Thanks again!"


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