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Key Principles

Key Principles

Wow They Feel Good!

No More Pain!

As a nurse, I work on my feet all day. The best insoles I've ever put in my shoes are the Remind Insoles. I no longer notice the uneven wear on the soles of my shoes. The MEDIC, for mid to high arch support, has been a game changer for my sore feet. Thanks Remind Insoles!

Becky G.

My running shoes don’t have a lot of cushioning. The Remind Insoles were incredibly helpful in that regard. I wore the CUSH during all three days of the Grand Viduta, which has a bevy of terribly rocky trails. I was surprised on the third day, and the next day after, that my feet didn’t feel like ground chuck. I’m not a skinny-winny by any stretch, and have quite enjoyed the cushioning on the trails and roads.


The 6mm thickness of the MEDIC Impact is not overwhelming, allowing for an excellent fit across multiple gym shoe silhouettes, and the impact absorption is top notch whether rapidly stepping through agility drills or bracing for heavyweight reps.

Ben Emminger (GEAR PATROL)

These insoles have brought my old boots back to life. I have a mid arch and the old insoles were no longer giving me support in my arch or cushion in my heel area. The MEDIC Impact insoles have fixed both issues and alleviated some nagging knee pains I have had all season. They really do make a huge difference!

Mark M.

The biggest difference I could feel was the cushioning. Modern carbon fiber sole cycling shoes are intended to be super stiff to be able to put every possible watt of power into the pedals. For mere mortals, this can sometimes result in what I call “carbon fiber sole fatigue” where the sole can be too stiff and “push back” causing pressure points or hot spots. The Remind Insoles can help take the edge off of that.


These things have literally saved my feet. I didn’t know what I was missing until I got remind insoles. I’ve ridden stock insoles for over a dozen years but this past season my arches were hurting for the first time and I knew something needed to change... My arches don’t hurt anymore and I’m able to ride way longer. Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger these are it.

Quinten H.